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Pfac Facility Rental Agreement

This contract dated the ______ day of ________, 20_____ is between the Peninsula Fine Arts Center (Pfac) and the Renter ___________________________ for the event of __________________________________ to take place on ___________ , ____/____/____.   The Renter will lease the following space:  _______________________________, and Pfac agrees to lease said space to the Renter for the amount of $_____________ , on the terms and conditions set forth in here-in and in the attached Facility Rental Policies, which are incorporated into this agreement by reference and to which the Renter agrees to adhere. Pfac will provide the required ___ staff for ___ hours at a cost of $______; ___ interpreters for ___ hours at a cost of $______; ___ security guards for ___ hours at a cost of $______, as outlined in the facility rental policies. 

The estimated attendance of the event will be ________ persons.  The event will begin at ________ and end, including total clean-up at ________.   Set up of the event, including entertainers, catering, floral arrangements, and d├ęcor may begin at ________.  All items brought to Pfac by the Renter must be removed immediately after the event. Pfac is not responsible for any loss or damage to items owned by or in the care of the Renter before, during or following the event.
The Renter is responsible for acquiring all necessary permits, licenses and a certificate of insurance indicating the amount of liability coverage required by the event.  The Renter agrees to provide Pfac a copy of the Certificate of Insurance showing that it has comprehensive general liability in an amount satisfactory to Pfac no later than seven (7) days prior to the event.  Pfac will also be named as an additional insured under the Renter’s comprehensive general liability coverage policy for the duration of the event.
The Renter is fully responsible for all damage to Pfac’s property and exhibits, including theft, caused by the Renter, the Renter’s agent or the Renter’s guests.  The Renter agrees to pay Pfac for all such damage or loss.  The Renter shall make payment for all damage or loss within two weeks (14 days) of the receipt of Pfac invoice regarding the damage or loss.
The Renter, the Renter’s agents, and the Renter’s guests agree to hold harmless and indemnify Pfac from and against any liability, loss, cost or expense, including attorney’s fees arising out of the Renter’s use of the facility and/or actions or proceedings resulting from personal injury, accident, loss, or damage of property caused by the acts or omissions of the Renter and/or persons in attendance at the event, or members, agents, employees, assigns, licensees, and invitees of the Renter.
Pfac shall not be held responsible or liable to the Renter or its members, agents, employees, assigns, licensees, and invitees, without limitation, for any consequential damage or loss from failure to make the premises available at the designated time.  In the event that Pfac facility and grounds are not available, the liability of Pfac shall be limited to the refunding of the payments made by the Renter.

A total fee of $________, based on all the services and rental described herein will be charged.    A 50% deposit of the total fee is due at the signing of this agreement.  The balance is due seven (7) days before set-up begins, on ________.  If payment of the balance is not made by seven (7) days prior to set-up, the Renter will forfeit the deposit and use of the Pfac facility.  The Renter may cancel their event without penalty and receive a full refund of their deposit with thirty (30) days notice.  If the Renter cancels with less than thirty (30) days notice but more than three (3) days, the Renter will pay a cancellation fee equal to that of the deposit.  If the Renter cancels with less than 72 hours notice, they will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the total fee for the space.  Fees incurred from using the Pfac facility and not cleaning and/or removing all trash and debris, using staff beyond the specified times set in this agreement and/or damages will be billed to the Renter.  Staff fees will be computed at the hourly rate set in the facility rental policy.  Payment will be due two weeks (14 days) from the Renter’s receipt of the bill. Renter shall be responsible for all cost of collection, including 25% attorney’s fees.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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