Curator’s Corner – Go Figure Exhibition Series

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Year after year, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center presents a balanced and stimulating exhibition schedule. Ranging from Hudson River School of Painting to American Impressionism to Egyptian artifacts, how are these exhibitions originated and created?  There are a variety of factors that contribute to scheduling of exhibitions throughout the year.  The exhibition schedule is developed with the community in mind. The staff looks at what exhibitions have been on display before as well as art forms and media that have not been on view. With four separate and distinct galleries, there presents an opportunity to examine a large array of art forms and media with an underlying theme.

Through my research, I learned that an overwhelming amount of sculptures in museums (over 80%) have been created by men. For the Go Figure exhibition series, I wanted to focus on sculpture as well as works by women.   How have women created sculpture and how has their particular medium influenced their work? Work produced in the early 1900’s is more traditional with bronze being a favorite media.  Contemporary artists have more options and thus can be more innovative in creating three dimensional works. From glass to clay to 3-D printed works, artists are stretching the boundaries of sculpture not only in the media but also the message. With over thirty works of art, this exhibition highlights dynamic artists who are grappling with a host of social and political issues.   Please come see this wonderful exhibition series.

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