Discovery baskets are free and fun educational tools that enhance area school children’s learning about historic cultures. The baskets include hands-on and didactic materials about a culture; Egypt (a 2nd grade SOL) and Mali (a 3rd grade SOL), Triangular Trade and Enslavement (a 3rd-6th grade SOL).

Discovery baskets are available for free to schools in the surrounding school districts. Baskets may be checked out for one week and must be picked up at, and returned to, PFAC.

To reserve a basket for your school, please call 596-8175.

Mali Basket Include:

  • Teacher resource package, including a teacher resource manual, the resource book Mali: Land of Gold and Glory, Mali: Land of Gold and Glory Lesson Plans, and a classroom guide for each 3rd grade student – Mali: the Empire
  • Drum
  • Rattle
  • Mask
  • Mud cloth
  • Mancala game
  • Story books
  • Video
  • Jewelry
  • Currency
  • Salt

Egypt Basket Include:

  • Didactic materials including teacher resource manual, reproducible classroom handouts, a Fandex Family Field Guide, and a laminated map and Egyptian alphabet
  • Pharaoh’s Follies Egyptian adventure books.
  • Egyptian objects including a gold ankh, a pyramid, a Bastet figure, an obelisk, a Hathor lamp, 2 necklaces, a piece of papyrus and a pharaoh’s pocket.
  • Mummification and afterlife materials including canopic jars, jars of myrrh and frankincense and the Hall of Judgement scene.
  • “Egyptian paste” sculptures including a hippo, a scarab and a bag of amulets.
  • A wrapped “mummy”
  • Two children’s costumes

Enslavement/Triangular Trade Basket includes:

  • 3 books (The Life of Olaudah  Equiano, Never Forgotten, From Slave Ship to Freedom Road)
  • 5 Adinkra Stamps
  • Didactic materials including a teacher resource manual and lesson plans (make Adrinka cloth, Adrinka fabric decipher, enslaved peoples and their life, making indigo fabric and triangular trade).
  • Authentic Adrinka Stamp
  • Woven Basket and Bowl
  • Adinkra cloths
  • Gourd, Tobacco Twist, Cotton Bolls
  • 1 set of shackles and key
  • 3 pieces of fools gold
  • 1 bottle each of cowpeas, indigo, peanuts, rice and sesame seeds