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6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Peninsula Fine Arts Center

Peninsula Fine Arts Center (PFAC) is proud to present “Work at Hand, Michael K. Paxton”, a 54 minute documentary about the painter Michael K. Paxton that chronicles his life and work. Event starts 6:30 PM. This screening will be followed by a conversation with Michael Paxton.

From his humble beginnings in the hills of West Virginia, we follow Michael’s growth and evolution from undergraduate art school at Marshal in the gritty industrial town if Huntington to graduate school at University of Georgia, Athens. During the heady heyday of the emerging scene of punk music, theater, and performance art with bands like R.E.M., the B-52’s, and Pylon, Michael dove into this mosh pit of experimentation and free expression, participating in all of these mediums while still working in factories, on the railroad, and as a printer at a newspaper to pay his own way through school. His working class and Appalachian roots informed his work then, and continue to contribute to his paintings today.

The film was made by Peter Hartel and Libi Hake. Peter is a director, writer, cinematographer, producer and editor who specializes in documentary films.He is a tenured Associate Professor in Cinema and Television Arts Department of Columbia College Chicago. Libi Hake is a director, producer, writer, and editor with over 30 years experience in the film industry. Her film on rodeo steer wrestlers won best documentary feature at the Madrid Film Festival.

The event is free and open to the public. Cash bar.