Imagine Isabella

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5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Peninsula Fine Arts Center

The final weekend for Cash Crop, Julianna Sarr will be hosting a performance story. Ms. Sarr’s performance story is based on one of the first, twenty and odd Negros/Negras, that landed in Pointe Comforte, modern day Fort Monroe National Park, in Hampton, VA in 1619. Although hers is a fictional character, she represents many stories of enslaved Africans and their means of survival for generations. Sarr implores the audience to imagine Isabella in an interactive journey through time. This ritual performance cleanses the soul next to a backdrop of Stephen Hayes’ “Cash Crop” at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News, Virginia. 
Sarr will integrate a selection of African, classical, and contemporary art and music from the 17th to the 21st centuries by composers from the African Diaspora. After her 35-40 minute performance we will host a live discussion panel. Prior to the panel discussion, we will have a wine and cheese intermission reception. 

The panel discussion to follow includes a direct descendant, Shelton Tucker, of the real-life Isabella. Tucker descends through DNA from the legendary first-born son in an English colony, William Tucker, son of legendary Anthony and Isabella. Joining in will be Dr. Phil Hamilton, Professor at Christopher Newport University,  to discuss early 17th century Virginia and the beginnings of slavery in America. The event is $20.00 per person and advance registration is required. Please call 596-8175 to make your reservation.