Dream House Remix
25th Anniversary Exhibition

July 8 - October 8

Current Exhibition

Dream House Remix


In 1992, the Peninsula Fine Arts Center presented “Dream House” which consisted of 76 artists creating over 200 works within the galleries. The exhibition resonated with the community and individuals still talk about the exhibition.


The Peninsula Fine Arts Center has decided to re-imagine this beloved exhibition for its 25th anniversary.  The galleries at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center will be transformed into various rooms of the home — living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, library, etc.  The theme is that home is where the art is when you step into this exhibition.  The exhibition stretches our imagination about what home is and how these very familiar objects are transformed visually.

July 8 – October 8

Upcoming Exhibition


More Than Just a Pretty Face: Artist Portraits and Self-Portraits

An artist’s portrait, like all good portraits, offers the viewer more than physical features. One sees the characteristics of the sitter that make that person a unique individual. All artists are involved with, or have a heightened interest in, creative pursuits which makes them interesting candidates for portrait subjects.

On the other hand, a self-portrait is an artist’s opportunity to make a statement. Traditional portraiture, especially commissioned ones, often came with expectations that the image be a favorable likeness of the sitter. Self-portraiture removed those restrictions enabling artists to be more experimental. This exhibition brings together fifty works in a variety of media that examine self-portraits and portraits of other artists. Included in the show are works by Milton Avery, Chuck Close, Leonard Baskin, Edward Steichen, Norman Rockwell, and Anders Zorn. Sitters include James McNeill Whistler, Thomas Eakins, Charlie Chaplin, C.S. Lewis, and Pablo Casals.

This exhibition was organized by the Syracuse University Traveling Exhibitions Program, Syracuse, New York.

October 21, 2017 – January 14, 2018