Rich Gray’s Work


Rich Gray is a Norfolk paper artist who has been an origami enthusiast for many decades.  Now retired following a career in the Navy, he is enjoying the increased time and studio space for more origami and other paper sculpture as well as hand papermaking. 

Artist Statement

“Hyperbolic Paraboloid” Paper

It was love at first sight with origami for me.  There seemed something magical in how a series of folds could turn a square of plain paper into the shape of a flower, an animal or most anything one could think of.  In the decades since, I’ve enjoyed working with beautiful papers of many patterns and textures, but there’s still something appealing – and sometimes magical – about a simply folded square of white paper.  In this case, folding an X in the paper and then creasing a series of concentric squares causes the paper to spontaneously twist into a saddle shape, known mathematically as a hyperbolic paraboloid.  Why straight creases can generate curved forms is currently a subject of study by people with much higher math IQs than mine.  I just like playing with paper.